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Genuine Australasian • Assuredly British



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Kia ora. Gidday. Hello there!

New Zealand, Australian and British - Kirsty's naturally fun & friendly voice can do all three accents to a native standard with ease.

She's an adventurous Kiwi, your relaxed Aussie mate and a crystal-clear assured British voice, all in one versatile package.

Born in New Zealand with Australian family, Kirsty trained in music, theatre performance and sound engineering. Her varied career has taken her from BBC studios to international stages and behind a variety of mics!

Based in London, UK, Kirsty works out of her professional ProTools studio with separate voice booth. She's also within easy reach of central London studios.

As well as her extensive commercial and corporate work, Kirsty loves to create characters - from gaming to animation and audiobooks. She's even been known to do the odd impression - you can hear her as "Nicole Kidman" in the audiobook of Dawn French's novel According to Yes.

Kirsty is also a professional sound designer and award-winning voice director and demo producer. Check out her work as Sounds Wilde.




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